New Science Gateway New Science Gateway

The Science Gateway to IGI is not anymore maintained.
All applications have been moved to the <GARR Science Gateway>.
If you were altready registered to the Science Gateway to IGI you can access the GARR Science Gateway with the same credentials. Otherwise, go to the <GARR Science Gateway> and follow the instructions therein.

Success story

The epigonion was the guitar of Ancient Greece but since none survived the passing of time, it had not been heard for centuries.

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The Sonification application won the best poster and demo awards at the EGI Community Forum, Munich, 2012

The demo was about how we can create some music from text (or tweets) using the EGI Infrastructure


Other free software available on this Science Gateway  
  The GNU Octave (ver. 3.2.4)
  The R Project for Statistical Computing (ver.
  ClustalW: a multiple sequence alignment program for DNA or proteins